Danksagung von Myriams Onkel

IMG_4249Nachdem Myriams Onkel Alaa erfuhr, wie viele Menschen sich an der Spendenaktion für seine Nichte beteiligen, schrieb er die folgenden Worte:
„I promise you to do nothing.“
Mariam, Sarah, the whole team abroad,
Nadia, the team here in Lebanon,
dear friends, donors, and supporters,

You all made the family and me honored and proud to know formidable people like you guys. The love spreading between us all is simply overwhelming. I am inspired by you, Mariam, Sarah, your mothers, by Nadia and Sarah, by Roby, by Georges, by all of you out there. I personally met very few of you and I am looking forward to meet you all and hear your stories, reflections, ideas and thoughts.
I started this when one night Mohammad [Myriam’s father] came to my house and said:
„Alaa… No more options for me [with regard to Myriam’s medical treatment].“
I was so afraid to HOPE and I told him: „I promise you to do NOTHING.“ We both looked at each other and understood quite well how bad this was.
As soon as we launched the campaign we realized that actually we did nothing, YOU ALL took care of little Myriam, and hope was growing with every call you made, mail you sent and donations we got. You all made it possible for us to hope and believe that we can and will achieve our goal. The kindness and compassion are simply stuttering to the family and to me.
Standing here in the very last week before the operation we stand tall! We promise you little Myriam we will make it, no matter what. We will mention you in our prayers, our meditations, and our wishes…

Side note:
We might be the very first fund raising campaign done entirely on Facebook here in Lebanon, more important we did it with dignity, with a smile, with pure compassion and love… and this still sounds unreal.

One more side note, if I may:
We are planing a series of fundraising events here in Beirut… will keep you updated.

Alaa: „I believe we can make it rain…“